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Liberty High School Detective League #1

First four pages can be read here:

Fauna Fairest: Issue #01 (Special SPX Edition)

Debuting at SPX 2016 is the first printed issue of Fauna Fairest, a colorful fantasy adventure about a girl made from magic, a battle between godlike princesses, and a perilous journey across a land twisted by a powerful curse. The story begins with a young girl named Fennela as she seeks out the help of More Info »

Triple Trio No. 1

Tracey Triple and her partners Flo and Rei are entry-level time travelers. In the first episode, we follow them to a Dance Marathon and watch them struggle with paradoxical nature of messing with the time stream. In the second episode, the Trio is arrested for Witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials. Presented as a Saturday More Info »