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Food Femmes

Food Femmes is a collection of food and cooking related stories by women and femmes. It was lovingly illustrated and curated by the author, L. M. Cook as a response to the lack of positive imagery of women consuming and creating food.

Eidoughlons: A Field Guide For The Aspiring Dumplingmancer

A fictional field guide of various dumplings and dough products transformed into magical creatures. Inspired by the author’s Chinese-American family food culture and her childhood obsession with cute monster video games, “Eidoughlons” crafts a fantasy world in which the edible and enchanting intertwine. 20 Pages, Full Color, Ink and Watercolor Illustrations.

Cooking with Dr. Taquito

Dr. Taquito is bringing his evil ways to SPX in the form of awesome cooking tips! Learn how to keep avocado fresh through suffocation, how to peel the skin off of ginger and more with Dr. T’s 20 tip mini comic.

Pizza & Corn

Dreamy desserts! Scandalous snacks! Misused margarine!


A new minicomic of assorted recipes and thoughts about food and how to make it. Baked chicken wings! Gratin! Portobello bacon! Pie, pie, PIE!