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Ghost Friends Forever #2, Witches Get Things Done

Magic is the only thing that will help Sophia Greene-Campos reunite with Whitney, her ghost girl crush who died in the 1990s.

The Vault

An elder god who just can’t get a good eternity’s rest. A survivor struggling to save the next target of the monster that damned her. A villain trying to make peace with the legacy of his deceased nemesis. These are just three of the seven of the stories that await you in “The Vault.”  Discover More Info »

The Ghosts of Pineville – Book 3 – Lost in Shadow

The Ghosts of Pineville is an all-ages series about three kids who go in search for the truth behind the ghost stories of their hometown. What can be discovered when a scary story’s true origin in unveiled? Could it lead to passed loved ones? or stir up the horrifying?

Monday Saddies #2

Wow! Monday Saddies #2! Featuring comics about stoned ghosts, the adventures of random locker junk & God! Still not for kids! 28 pages, 8.5 x 11!

The Ghosts of Pineville – Lost in Shadow

Follow Chopper, Hank and Glory as they continue their investigations into local ghost stories. This time it’s personal. As proof of ghosts have proven to be scarce, something is threatening their hometown of Pineville and the trio must find out what it is before all is lost. Enjoy the sneak peek intro to the third More Info »

Ham Radio

This ghostly mini comic follows two kids who start conversing with strange voices over an antique ham radio. When they find a mysterious, hand-written Users Manual…it offers strange advice for communication. 4″ x 5″ – 28 pages, black & white, with screenprinted silver cover