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Horrible Things

C.O.P.O.U.T. Artists Volume 2

C.O.P.O.U.T. Artists Volume 2 is a comic anthology featuring the works of seven young Philadelphia based cartoonists and illustrators. The content varies from artist to artist with one common theme, their love for comics. The comics featured are: “Sun Bear and Dusky Shark” by Ted Cocuzza, “On the Goblin Chain Gang” by James Kaminski, “Super More Info »

Poop Office #4

Ever had a crappy job? Then you must’ve worked at Poop Office, an office staffed entirely by poop! Join Poopert and his co-workers for more exciting adventures in this fourth issue of Poop Office! Featuring Dumperly late for a meeting, homemade cookies from Buttany, and Poopert’s new dumprella. Also includes three hilarious Poop Office parodies (one More Info »