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Pilot Theory Special

A collection of 4-panel gag comics set in a world where humans and the supernatural live side-by-side. Also includes a preview of an upcoming story in the series.

So Buttons #10…schooled_color-2.jpg


Pepperonccini’s ink illustrations compiled in this zine on witchy fashion and cats. Illustrations and short comics about a witch that rescues too many familiar cats.

Fuzzbuquet #2

An all-ages dark fantasy story about a monster with a big heart and a small brain. See him confront his most deadly foes yet- cupcakes!

The Nib Magazine Fall 2018

With brand-new, original comics from over 20 top-notch artists, the Nib Magazine’s first issue, Death, shares intimate personal stories, dark humor and thought-provoking reporting on the facts of life and death.

Powerful Bugs

This grasshopper forced me to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement so I wouldn’t tell anyone how high it jumps.

Silent Invasion, Red Shadows

In this era of fake news and ‘deep state’ this couldn’t be more timely! The paranoid cult-classic science fiction mystery of the early days of indie comics returns! Set against the background of a nightmarish 1950s crawling with communist spies, corrupt FBI agents, McCarthyites, Stalinists, cold warriors, flying saucers, mysterious government organizations, The Silent Invasion weaves a byzantine tale of mystery and deceit.

Mysteries of the Space Ham

All around the tiny and fragile orb we call home swirls untold cosmic wonders mankind is only now just starting to comprehend. Gigantic gaseous planets, streaking comets, fields of rocky asteroids, and more litter our galactic neighborhood. As sublime as these celestial phenomena are, they are nowhere near as unusual or mysterious as the astounding More Info »

Hypnotizing Spiders to do Your Bidding

Since the dawn of time, man has sought to control the animals of the Earth and subvert them to his will.  In the cases of the cow, the pig, and the goat he succeeded, yet one animal always seemed to stubbornly resist his power; the humble spider. That is no more. Now anyone age six More Info »