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Monster of the Week

A new serial for the intrepid admirers of fantastical phenomena! Follow courageous warrior and master tactician Toshihiro, powerful psychic and empath Kiki Okada, boyscout and kid detective Haruo, computer genius and brilliant scientist Chin Dongu, and mysterious samurai warrior Fushiya,  in their ongoing quest to defend their city from gargantuan kaiju and nefarious novelty restaurants, More Info »

The Creators, Volume 2: Strength In Unity

Maya, Simon, and Roxie, along with their creations Kardunn the unicorn, and Mr HugZ have escaped the Creator Academy, a government facility designed to control and harness the power of adolescent Creators with the ability to bring their imaginations to life through their artwork. Now on the run from the Bureau of Creative Enforcement and More Info »

The Creators, Volume 1: Imagination is Power

In the near future, several young people across the globe develop the ability to literally bring their imaginations to life through their drawings…

The Creators: Chapter 2

The Creators world explores a wave in evolution that causes a small population of young people to gain the ability to bring their imaginations to life via their drawings and the horrific ramifications of that power. CHAPTER 2:  In an effort to ease the trauma of violently losing her parents, young creator, Maya Esin has More Info »

Monster Zero

So you like kaiju huh? Of course you do! But you ain’t never seen a kaiju like Artema before…