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Earth Before Us: Mammal Takeover!

In the third and final installment in the Earth Before Us series, Ronnie, a fifth grade girl, is taken back in time by her kooky neighbor Miss Lernin to discover the wonders of the Cenozoic. When Ronnie bemoans her inability to withstand the winter chill and blames her ancestors for not evolving better protection against More Info »


“The way I have come to understand it, you have found yourself in a moral quandary…”

Liberty High School Detective League #2

Liberty High’s mascot and good luck charm, Lenny the Lion, has gone missing! With low morale infecting everyone at school, it is up to Burnside, Ray, and the rest of the Liberty High School Detective League to find Lenny before kickoff at the Homecoming Football game! Will they find Lenny in time? Who is responsible? More Info »

Kitten Construction Company

Construction has never been cuter than in this graphic novel for very young readers! Can you be too cute for your own good? Sadly, the answer is yes. In a world where kittens and humans coexist, several talented kittens with skills in architecture, construction, engineering, and plumbing have discovered that nobody will take them seriously More Info »

Musnet 4: The Tears of the Painter

As snow and ice chill Monet’s garden, even colder things await Musnet this winter season.


Lil Hol feels her feelings and tells us how she does so in a positive playful way! With the help of her friends (Teddy, Dolly, Squishy, Blocky and Ghostie) Lil Hol moves through feelings and teaches the reader that IT’S OK TO FEEL YOUR FEELINGS!   40 PAGES, FULL COLOR HARDCOVER WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED BY More Info »

Science Comics: Plagues

Get to know the critters behind history’s worst diseases. Delve into the biology and mechanisms of infections, diseases, and immunity, and also the incredible effect that technology and medical science have had on humanity’s ability to contain and treat disease!

No Fair!

Here’s a minicomic packed with drawings about kids with a wounded sense of justice.  Many were published on


In a world of sleeping gods, a broken government, and a fragile peace held in the hands of the corrupt, one youth must find the strength to stand up against evil and save humanity. This story is not about that youth. It’s about Abbie, who just wants to get to the mountain range called the Potter’s More Info »

Hilda and the Stone Forest

Hilda is grounded and she’s attempting a daring escape! But everything is thrown off course when her mother catches her and is dragged along for the ride. Furious with each other, the pair find themselves on forced to embark on a dangerous adventure home through the land of the trolls. Buckle your seat belts for More Info »