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Ms. D. is THE JD, but she’s losing her edge. Will her next act of delinquency restore her legacy?

Everywhere Disappeared

Collecting a cornucopia of short comics by one of the medium’s most inventive artists. A keen observer of the absurd, Patrick Kyle’s stories defamiliarize the machinations of life, work and art with droll dialogue and his angular, humanely geometric drawing and sci-fi settings that recall set design more than satellite images. Kyle’s figures may be More Info »


Join an oneiric odyssey through a slacker second life. Reality’s grip is loosened as Spyda and Lynxa explore a potentially constructed environment that shifts between dystopic future and constructed virtual present. Like a form of multistable perceptual phenomena, Anti-Gone exists in ambiguity. Connor Willumsen is a Montreal-based artist originally from Calgary, AB, where he received a design More Info »

Language Barrier

Collecting zines and comics filled with gorgeous illustration and artful design that attempt to translate modern life. The real meaning behind emojis, the subtext of sexts, the financial cryptography of flats and pumps, and more are revealed in this witty and wonderfully drawn collection. Hannah K. Lee melds elegant typography, beautiful illustration and trenchant text More Info »

Sex Fantasy

A salacious title belies a moving look at intimacy and all its delicacies and absurdities. Begun as a loose, ephemeral zine that was produced in limited editions, these small comics in both size and length are esoteric and immensely personal. Covering a span of four years, the comics collected here build a relationship that is More Info »

Old Ground

Sam Beckett and Sam Raimi intersect in an outsider art graveyard. A cemetery so old that the names on the graves have eroded into nothing and no one remembers the dead is razed to make room for a retirement home for folks who’ve also been forgotten. Ambience and slapstick combine as an absurd cast of More Info »

I’m Not Here

A woman torn between her family and her independence, unmoored between what is and what could be. A young, second-generation woman wanders through her city and memories encountering the world through a camera’s lens; her independence pulled by the gravity of familial responsibility. She drifts until she encounters what could possibly be her potential self. More Info »

Cat Rackham

Cat Rackham’s lows and very lows are collected in these hilarious tales of a deeply depressed cat.

Burt’s Way Home

Burt’s a self-proclaimed intergalactic, trans-dimensional time traveler trying to get home, but maybe he’s closer than he thinks.


Mirrors and reflections surround Claire, but what she wants more than anything is to erase her own.