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Devil’s Den

Something is in the air in Jessup, Oklahoma. Part of it is definitely springtime. The days are warming up, Aunt Tulia has a new beau, and the church’s Spring Cleaning Clothing Drive is going strong. And if Hannah Sterling and Jack Corbin are spending a little less time on homework and a little more time More Info »

BaSatai: Outside In

A blood curse threatens the gate between parallel worlds Earth and H-trae. Armani is the BaSatai born with the blood curse, if she dies the gate will break and both worlds will fall.

Bloom, Structure, Magic

“Bloom” “Structure” and “Magic” is the newest screen printed accordion series. Discover the world of plant and berry people, finding love in space, and encounters between wizards and witches in this new set of handmade mini accordion books. Follow the print and book process here:

Tales from Aeaea 2

\\\”Tales from Aeaea 2\\\” continues the stories of your favorite characters from the magical island of Aeaea in an exciting new chapter by Andrea Kalfas.

Lost Haven

What happens when a gifted witch’s power fails her? Lost Haven is a story about magic, sorrow, and the things that hold us together.  Appropriate for all ages.

Witches, Dragons, Magic, & Cats

Witches, Dragons, Magic, & Cats is a collection of three short stories: The Witches’ Daughters, a fairytale about forgiveness; Familiar, a magical girl story about hope; and Mending, a story about rebuilding.  All three stories also feature witches, dragons, magic, and/or cats. 👍 28 pages, color cover and greyscale interior.

Adventuring Princesses Vol 1 No 1: the Adventure Begins!

Our story begins where Vol 1 left us: After escaping her father and brother of the Dark Crescent, Alva has finally reached the Castle of Robles where she has been called to wake the Princess Dara who, despite her seemingly peaceful slumber, has been traipsing through ethereal realms. Join us as Alva sees her ancestral More Info »

Adventuring Princesses Vol 1 No 1: the Adventure Begins!

Adventuring Princesses Vol 1 No 1 picks up where Volume 0 ended as Princess Alva, after escaping the Dark Crescent, approaches the Castle of Robles to wake the Princess Dara who has been traipsing through ethereal realms while appearing to be in a peaceful slumber. The princesses are destined to save their kingdom from the More Info »


RIFT is a story about sibling conflicts, fear, and hope, in a setting that’s just a little bit magical. Tess and Sam haven’t been getting along all summer, and now a camp-wide competition has tensions between them at an all-time high– with their friends caught right in the middle. Will an unexpected, accidental visitor from More Info »

Beyond The Moon

Beyond The Moon is a 48 black and white/colour book by Frank Candiloro, dedicated to the wonders of early cinema and music, and how the two of them combine to create magic.