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Pepperonccini’s ink illustrations compiled in this zine on witchy fashion and cats. Illustrations and short comics about a witch that rescues too many familiar cats.

Just Fujoshi Things

A collection of short comics about the fun and mishaps of two fujoshi— girls who enjoy comics about risque male romances! Rated Teen+ for mentions of sexual content. ~Available at Table #C3~

The Herder Witch

Magical high-fantasy about diasporic Witches in a foreign land being loved and othered in the land they live in.

The Junk Hyenas Diner: Volume One

The Junk Hyenas Diner is the story of a small clan of mutants and misfits running a restaurant on a hostile alien planet.

Monster Campaign

A golem, floating eyeball, gelatinous cube, and unicorn all try their luck at adventuring with mixed and hilarious results. Can they excel at a business founded by bipeds? Is there teamwork when two members don’t even have a mouth? Dungeons and Dragons gets a whole lot harder when your leader only has hooves.

The Last Sparkledog

The Last Sparkledog is a mini-comic featuring the supposed ‘last’ Sparkledog and her quest to find where the last of her kind have run off to, in a fun send-up of The Last Unicorn and parody of one of the most ubiquitous sub-genres of art to be found on the internet.

Ode: Chapter 1

Magic is fading, and the world is changing. Some, however, still fight for the Old Ways. These are the kinds of heroes with stories that live on. This is their Ode. A watercolor comic in full color on very snazzy paper, 6.625″ x 10.25,” 32 Pages Limited First Edition run of 50 Each book is More Info »

Wandering Son Vol 5

In this volume of the acclaimed series about transgendered kids exploring their unfolding identities, we’ve reached a big event; the junior high school entrance ceremony. The entrance ceremony, with its traditionally-gendered uniforms, vexes Nitori-kun and Takatsuki-san — especially when it’s another classmate who bucks tradition. Envy and jealousy are prominent themes in Volume 5:  And More Info »

Gold Pollen and Other Stories

Seiichi Hayashi (b. 1945) was a leading figure in Tokyo’s hotbed of avant-garde artistic production in the 1960s and ’70s. He is best known for his lyrical and experimental manga for Garo, the famous alternative comics magazine. The present volume collects a handful of Hayashi’s most important manga from this period, including “Red Dragonfly” (1968), More Info »

World Map Room

In this, Yuichi Yokoyama’s long-awaited original graphic novel, a stripped-back plot and minimal characterizations allow the artistry of Yokoyama’s ethereal drawings to shine through. The events within the narrative are spare and enigmatic: Yokoyama is as much fascinated by shapes and visual effects as he is by character and plot. First, the protagonists visit a More Info »