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The Ghost Cat

The legend of Ghost Cat and his powers. 12 page black and white minicomic. Digest size (5.5×8.5)

Kid Ninja (Halloween Adventure)

A kid dressed as a ninja decides to go to one last house for candy on Halloween and must fight his way there.

Yoga Diary One

“Nap vs. yoga, the never-ending after work decision…”

I Know You’re Mad

You didn’t wake up one day depressed, and you won’t wake up one day all better.

Variable Star

An unlikable slob and his partner attempt to escape their boring space jobs, lightyears from the nearest civilization.

A Pantomime Horse vol. 1

“Pony’s father was a coward. She believed something that I do not, that cowardice can pass through blood.” 36 page black and white comic about a kid’s prison, time, and war by Ben Passmore.

Uncanny Valley

A story of a mime finding his way in a world of clowns. 8pages.

Towerkind – Issue Four

TOWERKIND is a monthly comic in 13 acts. A mismatched and oddly exceptional group of pre-teens in sometimes antagonistic, always bizarre friendships, are unsettled by a change that they can’t quite identify. Each issue is 12 pages of striking BW, quarter letter. Issue 5 revolves around the ‘twins’, DUKDANIEL.

Soppy 2

This is the second issue of the mini-comic which collects together Soppy comics by Philippa Rice. Risograph printed in red and black