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Hourly Comics Day 2018

There are a lot of drawings of her dog and all of the things she gets up to on this, February 1, 2018!

Adorable Empire, Volume 2

The adorable woodland creatures return, this time to fend for themselves on the mean streets of Manhattan. Will they survive? Can they make it on their own? Will they be taken to the underworld by an army of giant roaches? The only thing for certain is that there will be destruction and it will be  More Info »

So Buttons #8

The newest issue of So Buttons, written by Jonathan Baylis featuring a cover by Noah Van Sciver and story art by Corinne Mucha, Rick Parker, Noah Van Sciver, Rachel Dukes and T.J. Kirsch. In This Issue: Stories about monster movie make-up, False Hope, Religious Rebellion, and DOGS!

One Thing At A Time, Bud

“One Thing At A Time, Bud” starts with the news of the hospitalization of Kevin Budnik’s father for what turns out to be cancer. Budnik admits that drawing diary comics helps him process emotions, so the reader is privy to his internal dialogue, childhood reminiscence and conversations with family as he struggles to cope with More Info »

Macrogroan 7

Another installment of beautiful weirdness by Ignatz Award nominated and New Yorker published cartoonist, Sara Lautman!

The Coyote

On a farm in the Southern Appalachians, the coyotes have been picking off cattle. But when neighbors organize a hunt, old wounds and rivalries resurface while they wait for their prey. A short story from artist David Caldwell and writer Allison Wear. 32 pages black & white

Yoga Diary One

“Nap vs. yoga, the never-ending after work decision…”

Cooking with Dr. Taquito

Dr. Taquito is bringing his evil ways to SPX in the form of awesome cooking tips! Learn how to keep avocado fresh through suffocation, how to peel the skin off of ginger and more with Dr. T’s 20 tip mini comic.

It’s Still Happening

It’s Still Happening is a second comic anthology featuring even more absurd stories about dating, not dating and being jaded in your twenties. Full color cardstock cover with 18 black and white interior pages. 7″x 5.5″