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Stand-Up Comic:Issue One, Buster Guts

A comic about Stand-up comic Buster Guts.

Left Empty #1

“Left Empty #1″ is the first issue in a story written by Alan King and drawn by Jamie Vayda. For those familiar with their work in the LOUD COMIX series, this is a 180° turn in terms of tone. It deals with the aftermath of King’s wife’s death to cancer.

Bangs & Beard Diary

For BANGS & BEARD DIARY, cartoonist couple Melinda Tracy Boyce and Aaron Whitaker created diary comics during the month of July 2015.

Pyrmaid Scheme 2: This Time It’s At The Beach

“Pyramid 2: This Time It’s At The Beach” by Josh Burggraf & Victor Kerlow. Dog & Robot and Kid Space Heater visit a nude beach.

It’s all realitive


The Last Sparkledog

The Last Sparkledog is a mini-comic featuring the supposed ‘last’ Sparkledog and her quest to find where the last of her kind have run off to, in a fun send-up of The Last Unicorn and parody of one of the most ubiquitous sub-genres of art to be found on the internet.

Thanger Dangers

“Thanger Dangers” (A.K.A. “Thinger Dingers #2) is another collection of short comics by J.T. Yost culled from various anthologies. Stories include a non-fiction account of a mysterious double death in Brazil, a brief history of mohawks, a romantic interlude between praying mantises, “hilarious vegan jokes” and much more!

Bezoar 2

BEZOAR 2 is the sequel to the monstrous mini-comic anthology out of Athens, GA that debuted at SPX in 2012.  This issue contains stories by Patrick Dean, Drew Weing, Michele Chidester, David Mack, Joey Weiser, and Lee Gatlin.  The cover features 8 sticker-masks uniquely arranged on each copy! Within BEZOAR 2 you’ll read monster stories More Info »