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I'm a Horse, Bitch

A 20-page mini comic about a very self-confident horse.

Snackies #2

The second collection of existential satire/ magical autobio comics about fun stuff like sex, loneliness, narcissism, and unearthly darknesss.  24 pages, riso printed!

Ghosts & Pizza

Ghosts & Pizza is the third comic that C. Frakes has drawn about McNeil Island. When you live on a prison island, there are a lot of ghosts and it is really difficult to get a pizza delivered. 4.25 x 5.5 and 24 pages.

Emotional Distance 3: Service

Zach Mason is a noise musician, comics maker, and contributor to Frank Santoro’s Comics Workbook. This is an all-new mini about trying to fill empty spaces. 4.25″ x 5.50″ / 12 pages / Risograph-printed by Issue Press


Flicker is a 40 page black and white horror story, about two children and the dark world they live in. A standalone story that is part of The Starman Chronicles, of the Bazzelmythos:

City of Cards: Brilliant Joker

The second limited character mini for the comic City of Cards, from the perspective of an ambitious young man named Xander.

Towerkind – Issue Four

TOWERKIND is a monthly comic in 13 acts. A mismatched and oddly exceptional group of pre-teens in sometimes antagonistic, always bizarre friendships, are unsettled by a change that they can’t quite identify. Each issue is 12 pages of striking BW, quarter letter. Issue 5 revolves around the ‘twins’, DUKDANIEL.

A Boy Born with Antlers

This ghostly mini comic follows a boy with an odd affliction and three wishes. What happens when bullies push him too far? 4″ x 5″ – 26 pages, black & white, with papercut silhouette cover

Ham Radio

This ghostly mini comic follows two kids who start conversing with strange voices over an antique ham radio. When they find a mysterious, hand-written Users Manual…it offers strange advice for communication. 4″ x 5″ – 28 pages, black & white, with screenprinted silver cover