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No Ivy League #1

No Ivy League is the story of Hazel, a homeschooled teenager venturing into the world with her first job working for the Portland Parks Department.

The Secret Origin of the Dust Elves #2

Despite their strong bond, Daisy and Clover are twin sisters who struggle with what it takes to fit in. Their unique relationship with a trio of Dust Elves begins at an early age. And it’s through the love and support of Fibble, Kiddle and Bob that Daisy and Clover first tap into their creative spirit.

The Well-Dressed Bear Will (Never) Be Found, Book 1

The Well-Dressed Bear has been receiving a lot of misdialed calls lately from a woman seeking a man named Jonathan. It started when he got a new phone in his apartment. As he investigates this phenomenon, the authorities discover there is a bear living amongst humans, and embark on a violent bear-hunt to catch him More Info »