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In the Dark

16 page minicomic about a boy using glow-in-the-dark stars and toys to deal with the monster under his bed that keeps him up every night. Handmade with glow-in-the-dark screenprinted cover.

Kid Ninja (Halloween Adventure)

A kid dressed as a ninja decides to go to one last house for candy on Halloween and must fight his way there.

Little Red Monster

Journey with the Little Red Monster as he goes about his weekly routine! This mini comic is a collaboration between Sammy Savos (incoming SVA student and Curls Studio 2015 summer intern) and cartoonist Carolyn Belefski.

Monster Campaign

A golem, floating eyeball, gelatinous cube, and unicorn all try their luck at adventuring with mixed and hilarious results. Can they excel at a business founded by bipeds? Is there teamwork when two members don’t even have a mouth? Dungeons and Dragons gets a whole lot harder when your leader only has hooves.

The Makeshift Man, Issue #3

The third installment of the misadventures of a magical immortal dirtbag who lives in a van. In this issue, “Jailhouse Rock”, the Makeshift Man acquires a new, fuzzy, little traveling companion…much to his chagrin.

Pretty Creepy

Lomax and Patch proudly present 30 devilish doodles in their first collaborative sketchbook aptly titled Pretty Creepy.

Bezoar 2

BEZOAR 2 is the sequel to the monstrous mini-comic anthology out of Athens, GA that debuted at SPX in 2012.  This issue contains stories by Patrick Dean, Drew Weing, Michele Chidester, David Mack, Joey Weiser, and Lee Gatlin.  The cover features 8 sticker-masks uniquely arranged on each copy! Within BEZOAR 2 you’ll read monster stories More Info »