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A monster, ghoul or grotesque. One a day for every day of March. 2017. 32 pages. b/w. 5.5″ x 8.5″

Fire on High

In this new fantasy comic series, Eva, a wide-eyed adventurer with a heart of gold, teams up with Glint, a dungeon-diving curmudgeon with a long career and a short fuse. Together, they meet up with awesome allies, strange creatures, and may even learn the origin of Eva’s secret and dark powers. It’s a blend of More Info »

Over The Wall

Who dares to go over the wall?

Lame Monsters

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Monsters of MMA – Volume One

Monsters duking it out in a cage. Nuff said.

Teenaged Trash Party

Two teenaged girls in search of a decent party run into cute boys, a potential witch, curses, hoardsĀ and some extremely suspicious owls. Available for the first time at SPX, printed on the bleached corpses of trees. 20 pages, B&W interiors

AML Issue #1

Warriors clad in suits of mechanical armour protecting their city from monsters & mutants.

The Spookies #1

Follow the fantastically mundane lives of four blue collar monsters.

The Makeshift Man, Issue #3

The third installment of the misadventures of a magical immortal dirtbag who lives in a van. In this issue, “Jailhouse Rock”, the Makeshift Man acquires a new, fuzzy, little traveling companion…much to his chagrin.

Pretty Creepy

Lomax and Patch proudly present 30 devilish doodles in their first collaborative sketchbook aptly titled Pretty Creepy.