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Afrofuturist Mecha Action!

Dee’s Dream Issue #3: The Dream Boat

Emotional turmoil spreads through the four piece punk rock band Dee’s Dream. Will a house party and show in their basement be enough to glue their broken bond back together? Only time will tell… stay tuned.

Hallo Spaceboy

Beth spent her twenties exploring. How to live. How to create. How to grieve. Through it all, she had an unlikely guide: David Bowie.

Woodstalk: 3 Days of Peace, Music, and Zombies – Book 1

Book 1 collects issues 1–8 of Woodstalk, the forgotten story of the zombie outbreak at the seminal music festival of the 1960s. 170 pages, black and white. ISBN: 978-0692088685

That Night (This Must Be the Place)

One night, one song; one man’s journey through grief. Autobiographical.


A collection of black and white abstract, portrait, figure and environment drawings, accompanied by a downloadable beat tape.

Woodstalk, issue 7: Fence Post Blues

Woodstalk is the forgotten story of the zombie outbreak during the seminal music festival of the 1960s. In this issue, while Arlo Guthrie spins a dizzying tune onstage, Fitz falls back on his military training to keep his friends safe. But will military training be enough? Is it ever?

Bone Music

A (semi)-historical short comic about jazz, teen rebellion, and ghosts in the USSR.

The ‘stilyagi’ of 1940s-1960s Russia rebelled against the iron grip of Soviet censorship by embracing what they could of Western culture. They idolized American rock and jazz, but, as the music was banned in the USSR, they resort to drastic and creative measures to bring their contraband obsession to life.

8 pages.

Dee’s Dream #2: Solar Return

This is the second issue of the comedy-drama comic series Dee’s Dream, which follows the adventures of the amateur post-punk alternative band by the same name. In this issue, Maury, the band’s drummer, has a big birthday coming. Will the gang make sure it will be one to remember? 20 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, More Info »

Requiem Sonata: 1-2

After a bizarre performance, famous classical pianist Zhi is found dead at the bottom of a bay. As her friend and fan, Detective Simone Durant begins to look into Zhi’s death, she finds that she didn’t really know much about this mysterious woman.