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A child accused of witchcraft is exiled to the rainforest. The trees become her family and their canopy of leaves, her home.

Incomplete Origins Vol. 2

\”Protect the light. All is bright. All will fail, complete prevail! Follow the trail!\”

I Saw A God- Hoboth

“Predators are gross. They peel back skin and push their faces into open bodies. If predators are the destroyers then I am the life bringer. But I’m running out of options…and time.” -Barralaya the Goddess


Exploration of nature drawings.


Lithology-the general physical characteristics of a rock or the rocks in a particular area.

The International Journal of Lesser-Known Mammals

A publication dedicated to research and observations concerning the little-known mammals of this globe and celebrating them both in visual depictions of their appearance and in articles concerning their habits and habitats.