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On The Books: A Graphic Tale of Working Woes at NYC’s Strand Bookstore

On the Books is the first hand comic strip account of the labor struggle at New York City’s legendary Strand bookstore in the summer of 2012. Told by Greg Farrell—an employee of the store who interviewed numerous other staff members—the book examines the motives and actions of those involved, including the management, the staff, the More Info »


She’s just moved to New York City, and she already has a job at the biggest bank in the country. A temp job, but still. It’s a paying job, and she gets to live in the center of the universe. What more could you want nowadays? Well, a lot, actually. A tale of hopes, desires, crushed More Info »

The Seeing Eye Cat

Duncan is one of the most unique service animals in New York City – He’s a seeing eye CAT!! Check out a day in his life, as he works his hardest to help out his human buddy navigate the challenges of everyday city life!