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Are You at Risk for “Empathy Myopia”?

Why do some of us feel more empathy for neglected dogs than black victims of police brutality? How can someone claim to cherish the Sanctity of Life, yet excuse child deaths at border detention centers as collateral damage? Are You at Risk for Empathy Myopia considers the idea that we subconsciously force our experiences into More Info »

Blocked: Stories from the World of Online Dating

Bar fights.  Major League Baseball players with major commitment issues.  Ghostwriting someone else’s dating profile.  Almost dating your uncle’s new wife. It seems nothing is off-limits in the world of online dating. Blocked is a collection of art & stories from that world of swiping and Bumbling one’s way to true love, featuring over 200 pages and 25 More Info »

Stray: Issue One

An emotional and philosophical examination of the tragedy at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. STRAY:Issue One collects personal reactions to the Columbine tragedy through the eyes of two artists. We share our unique exploration in this free form compendium of writings, paintings, linoprints, illustrations, design and photography

Almanac (2015)

Almanac is an annual collection of auto-bio // short fiction // non-fiction comics by farmer & cartoonist Iona Fox. 64 pages ISBN: 978-0-9967317-0-6

The Durham Comics Project

The Durham Comics Project is an anthology of autobiographical comics that capture the essence of life right now – small moments, big moments, moments that represent the diversity of the Durham, NC community. \”The stories submitted for The Durham Comics Project range between whimsical observations about daily life, personal demons that make every day a More Info »

True Tales of Luke Humphris

True Tales of Luke Humphris is the second place winner of ‘Australia’s best comics 2013’. It is a short autobiographical story about dealing with a mother’s suicide. This story along with another short story is being published for the first time in a free graphic novel.

Visiting NASA #1

Originally featured on, this nonfiction minicomic details the two days I spent at Kennedy Space Center earlier this year, meeting NASA scientists and engineers and learning about satellites, space communications, regolith mining, the future of spaceflight and what goes into the launch of an Atlas V. 32 pages, B&W