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Weird Me: The Complete Collection

Once upon a time, I was the moderately successful teenage webmaster of a “Weird Al” Yankovic fan site. From minor notoriety, to jet-setting for concerts, to earning a stalker, Weird Me showcases the awkward (and true) intricacies of an adolescence spent carving out a corner of the internet frontier in dedication to the king of parody. This is my whole story… now transformed into More Info »

Sh*t My President Says: The Illustrated Tweets of Donald J. Trump

FDR had radio. JFK had TV. Trump has Twitter. Some people are saying, I don’t know, you tell me, but a lot of people are saying this is the greatest book of the year. This guy, Shannon Wheeler, he draws these cartoons for the New Yorker, MAD, the Onion — he’s very, very, good, okay? Now he’s illustrated the More Info »


Disturbingly \”Kawaii,\”* Hello Blob is a strange, little satire on a certain well-known Japanese kitty. *Japanese for \”cute.\” Full Color 28 Pages 51 Illustrations Contemporary Fashion & Period Clothing Strange But Cute Printed in USA 8.5 by 5.5 Inches Landscape Orientation 80 Pound Gloss Text Paper Gloss Cover Perfect Binding For more information about G. E. Gallas, please More Info »

Nobody Poops But You

What’s this? A book! Yeah, maybe I’ll take it into the bathroom with me to read. But that’s all I’ll be doing in there: reading. Why, what are you doing in the bathroom? You’re what? Dude, no. That’s messed up. Cheerfully illustrated in full-color Shame-O-Rama, this parody gets straight to the point: mice, whales, camels, More Info »

Batgirl Straight-to-Ink Cover Song

Everyone knows the classic, long-running superhero crimefighter Batgirl, but what would happen if a couple of boys tried to help out? I know, it’s such a stupid idea that it’s not even worth drawing! And yet…

Fake Humans of New York

After years of ardent research, toiling away on the streets of New York City, I have finally compiled a complete list of all the weirdos, nerds, and mutants trolling our great city, in a flagrant and absurdist parody of one of the more famous bits of internet street journalism known today. This is the book More Info »

The CoDependent Tree + Other Cartoons and Comics

The best jokes, gags and laughs from over four years of HypnoSpiral Comics! Shel Silverstein beware! This volume includes M. Jacob’s scathing and hilarious satire of the most fucked-up beloved children’s book ever written!

The Devil & Mr. Gandhi #2

28 pages of pulse-pounding parody and pastiche, with some X-Over guest art and bonus comics thrown in for good measure.

Oh, The Things You Won't Know!

A Seussical ode to a drunk girl’s night out. Full-color fun she’ll know nothing about.

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