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Pika’s Peak

Vulture: “EAT him? He ‘ent dead yet! And a right disappointment, that. Got meself all hopped up anticipatin’ a right proprer meal, and he turns up not dead. The nerve of some critters!”

Kitch: “I… Um. Well. Sorry? I think? Er…”

Vulture: “Don’t go wasting your time apologizing. What matters is deeds, not words, and you ‘ent dead. Unless you got some way to fix that, I’ll just be on my way. Eat you! Preposterous.”

Pretty Creepy

Lomax and Patch proudly present 30 devilish doodles in their first collaborative sketchbook aptly titled Pretty Creepy.

Printed Matter[s]

Printed Matter[s] contains more than twenty sketches and doodles Patch created inspired by several trips to the Ephemera Collection at the Library Company of Philadelphia. Many were drawn on location and later inked and finished on train rides, in coffee shops and in the wee hours of the evening while listening to music. There are More Info »