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Bear’s Soul Theft Tale: The Hag Who Stole the Starlight

In January 2016, I spent a weekend workshopping about the ideas of soul loss, soul theft and soul retrieval with a healer named Monika Healing Coyote. She was teaching a group of us how to use a small set of psychic tools to do healing work on ourselves and the world around us. We spent the weekend exploring the landscape of our souls, and the symbolic languages each of us developed with our helping spirits. It was quiet, but exhausting work. During the last meditation of a full day session, Monika prompted the class to ask our helping spirits specifically about what soul loss, soul theft, and soul retrieval were as concepts. On my journey, a bear spirit who often guides me greeted me at a picnic table. “You look tired,” she said. “Sit with me, we are not going to journey. I am simply going to tell you a story.” Later, she gave me permission to share that story and, with my husband Jimmy, to illustrate it. I feel strange saying that this tale was something I wrote, because I just wrote down what a bear told me in a dream. I did my best to preserve Bear’s words, and not add my own. Please enjoy what she has to say.
-Zac Lawhon

Arthur and the Golden Rope (Brownstone’s Mythical Collection, Book 1)

Imagine a vault so cavernous that it could contain the world’s greatest treasures, from mummified remains of ancient monarchs to glistening swords brandished by legendary warriors. How did Professor Brownstone come into possession of such a collection? Hear the tale of the very first Brownstone and his quest for the golden rope as we travel More Info »


Format: Picture Book & Graphic Novel Hybrid Genre: Horror Fiction Page Counts: 50 SASHIMI is an experimental work created by Feifei Ruan. The mystery and suspense develop with the main character’s mental illness, and he is increasingly unable to tell the difference between dream or reality. The story is inspired by Ruan’s nightmares. It expresses More Info »