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Ink Brick no. 9

NK BRICK is a journal dedicated to comics poetry. This issue features 80 pages of full-color work by 26 creators using the visual language of comics to make poetry.


Poetry collection.


*Dépanneur is how we call a convenience store in Quebec, Canada. Dépanneur is a series of tragicomic tableaux based on my experience as an 18 years corner store cashier at Dépanneur Ste-Angèle in the infamous Ste-Cécile neighbourhood of Trois-Rivières, Canada. These tableaux present the strangely banal everyday life of the regular and irregular customers who More Info »

The House of Dickinson

This mini combines the poetry of Emily Dickinson with the atmosphere of 1950’s horror comics.  

Smithereens: Mammon’s Ring-Posy

A poem by the Victorian poet-painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti, illustrated by G. E. Gallas.   Zine 6 pages Full Color 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches

The Poet and the Flea (Volume 1)

The Poet and the Flea is a reimagining of the life of the poet-painter William Blake. Set in 1790, at the onset of The Industrial Revolution, William suffers from the death of his beloved younger brother, Robert. Catherine (Kate) Blake attempts to comfort her husband, but cannot dispel his grief. During this spell of anxiety, More Info »


\”It is such a secret place, the land of tears.\” –Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Poet Poe

A 24-hour poetry mini-comic.

The Inevitable June

A poetic adventure like you’ve never seen! A flash-fiction for every day in June, a dada-manifesto, story of birth, death, and perhaps re-birth. Join Bob Schofield on this beautiful and surreal adventure of floating octopi, yetis, horses made of lightbulbs, and, of course, the unending abyss. Together Schofield’s words and art create an experiential symphony. More Info »

The Proof Issue 6

The Proof is Chicago’s free newspaper of comics, illustration, poetry, recipes, fiction that pays every contributor. Issue six comics contributors include Kevin Budnik, Phil McAndrew, Jay Fuller, L Nichols, Flynn Nicholls, Joe List, Tony Breed, and more. Also featuring an article on Estonian saunas, some poetry, and a recipe for fluffernutter pie.