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Proactive Insurance: The Pros, vol 1

“We just call this place ‘America’, without all the extra words in it. Daddy says modifiers are for socialists.”

Mr. Drone Strikes Again

In an effort to avoid responsibility and bad press the major western powers of the world jointly created the ultimate artificial intelligence to make and execute all important military decisions for them. Programmed to learn, embody and enforce the ideals of western culture this top secret project is known by the codename “Mr. Drone.”

Sketching Guantanamo: Court Sketches of the Military Tribunals, 2006-2013

The only public visual record of the notorious, historic, carefully censored military trials at Guantanamo is Janet Hamlin‘s courtroom sketches. She has been the only sketch artist covering these trials from 2006 to early 2013, which have been featured on The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, The Rachel Maddow Show, Democracy Now and more. Sketching More Info »