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Tinder is an LGBTQ+ comic about a witch who falls for another witch in her program. There’s a catch though, our main character finds that she’s having trouble not exposing her crush because every time she sees her crush, her hair sets on fire and it only seems to be getting worse. What will she More Info »

In A Word: Trans

“This book chronicles my transition. It’s messy and emotional, like me! I hope it helps you understand yourself, or maybe a trans friend better. That’s why I do it, you know!”


For this ragtag band of space gays, liberation means beating the patriarchy at its own game.

Grease Bats!

This sincere and hilarious collection of comic strips tosses the reader into the chaotic lives of Andy and Scout: broke, queer, 20-something gay disasters, and ride-or-die best friends forever.

Solanaceae – Chapter 1

Sal, a thief, concocts a get rich quick scheme to try and make Battam, a witch, fall in love with him. But upon learning more about his seemingly stupid target, Sal starts experiencing feelings he’s never had before and must make a decision between money or love.

Queer Kids Camp: Under the Earth

While camping in the Pacific Northwest, Reese, a non-binary teenager and their sister, Jamie, a trans girl fall through a lake and get separated in a sentient forest created by beings from below the earth’s crust. To be reunited the siblings must overcome trials within the crystal maze. QKC: Under the Earth is a sci-fi More Info »

dying of thirst

A spiritual sequel to 2017’s ‘the guest house’ about sex, death, and magical ritual.

Aphrodite’s Pavilion

18+ only!

When Silas and Theron are sent on a risky errand for the goddess Artemis, their arrogance proves to be their downfall.

Hallo Spaceboy

Beth spent her twenties exploring. How to live. How to create. How to grieve. Through it all, she had an unlikely guide: David Bowie.

Spacejinx: Volume 3

After space cadet Benedict Young and his obnoxious roommate thought they had adjusted to life with a sexbot, their training took a new turn for excitement with a real assignment! After that turned out to be a bust in the last volume of Spacejinx, they’re off to another mission–exploring a mysterious planet! Fortunately for them, it means some alone time together…provided they can avoid trouble!