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What They Knew

Autobiographic collaborative comic exploring two people’s experiences being gender diverse/trans.

Through My Eyes

A comic journal exploring queerness, mental health and mixed race identity.

Cassius Issue 1

This is the story of Junia, a woman cursed with the legendary mark of Cassius, said to bring about great change to the once peaceful region of Latium. Thrust into a world of intrigue, murder and fate, Junia must find a way to survive by discovering the secret to her curse, and revealing the identity More Info »

Long Red Hair

Long Red Hair alluringly delves into the mystique of sorcery and sisterhood.


Matthew is a newcomer in the waters of Northeast Harbor, Maine, and is willing to risk her life to prove that she has what it takes to be among the best lobster trappers. While at sea, she thinks she sees a selkie, but no one believes her; as far as those residing in the harbor are concerned, selkies had died out decades ago. After a storm causes her boat to capsize, her life is in the hands of the selkies- if they still exist.

Chainmail Bikini: The Anthology of Women Gamers

Chainmail Bikini is an anthology of comics by and about female gamers! Video games, tabletop role-playing, collectible card games, and more.

Vym, the drag magazine, preview issue

The House of Velour presents it\\\’s first publication: Vym, an art magazine about drag.


Belén is saving up to move to Amsterdam and become a writer, but thankfully this summer won’t be lonely.

FLOCKS: Chapter 4

This is the fourth chapter in my ongoing series, FLOCKS, which focuses on queerness, faith, and growing up in the rural South. Chapter 4 deals with school, group dynamics, and trying to learn who you really are.

Rem Pt. 1

▾ Sorted, ranked, filed based on arcane, brutal tradition. Rem, what will you do when you realize your home is a grave? ▾ ▼ Two Color Cover and 28 page B&W interior, risograph. ▼