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Mist from the Geyser

The 3rd Flamingo Diamond book. Nora rides up into the mountains to blow off some steam. Gloria follows her, although finds herself distracted visiting an old friend. Arturo Hasquantle’s investigation into the missing Flamingo Diamond continues, albeit twisted and careening through kaleidoscopic spaces. 84p riso printed, perfect bound comic. 18cm (wide) x 24cm (tall) 4 More Info »

Captain Romance / Girls in Science

Captain Romance! Girls in Science!

The Living City

“THE LIVING CITY” is a collection of seven short comics about life in a magical city. Stories deal with subjects such as home invasions by spirits, persistent ghosts, misdirected curses from drunk witches, and a semester-long research project that becomes a disastrous possession. 52 pages, 2 color risograph.