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Mist from the Geyser

The 3rd Flamingo Diamond book. Nora rides up into the mountains to blow off some steam. Gloria follows her, although finds herself distracted visiting an old friend. Arturo Hasquantle’s investigation into the missing Flamingo Diamond continues, albeit twisted and careening through kaleidoscopic spaces. 84p riso printed, perfect bound comic. 18cm (wide) x 24cm (tall) 4 More Info »

Captain Romance / Girls in Science

Captain Romance! Girls in Science!

Ley Lines: Recapitulation

L Nichols ruminates on the beauty and complexity of Beethoven’s compositions. Nichols shares his personal musical journey, including his introduction to classical music, his exploration of varied genres, and ultimately his return to Beethoven.

Swim Team Superstar

Swim Team Superstar is a 16 page comic about hating and loving swim team when you’re eight.

My Car’s A Spaceship, And My Spaceship’s A Boy!

32 page comic about a young street racer whose car is a spaceship and a boy.

Marie and Worrywart

A collection of comics, semi-autobiographical in nature, exploring anxiety.


SUPERMODEL is a 3-color experimental comic book by Scott Roberts, hand-crafted and Risographed.

Commuter Naps

A collection of illustrations that consider ways to nap on the way to work. Printed by Perfectly Acceptable Risograph Press in Chicago, IL. 16 black and white pages.


Collecting visions of future fashions from artists Coleman Engle, John Lisle and Nick Sumida.  A deluge of pre-tribal-mall-witch, post-rave-slumber-party designscapes for fans of sci fi clothing. Letter sized, 2 color risograph printed.

Magical Beatdown

Magical Beatdown is a comic about a shy and awkward schoolgirl who transforms into an unrelentingly violent and foul-mouthed magical girl. This comic is inspired by my love of magical girl anime, ridiculously cartoonish violence and badass ladies. 30 pages, a comic with risograph printed pages and cover. Half of the book is printed in More Info »