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Matthew is a newcomer in the waters of Northeast Harbor, Maine, and is willing to risk her life to prove that she has what it takes to be among the best lobster trappers. While at sea, she thinks she sees a selkie, but no one believes her; as far as those residing in the harbor are concerned, selkies had died out decades ago. After a storm causes her boat to capsize, her life is in the hands of the selkies- if they still exist.

No Ivy League #1

No Ivy League is the story of Hazel, a homeschooled teenager venturing into the world with her first job working for the Portland Parks Department.

Don’t Wanna Close My Eyes

“Don’t Wanna Close My Eyes” is a short comic about a high school’s final homecoming dance, on the eve of a meteor apocalypse.


Belén is saving up to move to Amsterdam and become a writer, but thankfully this summer won’t be lonely.

If The Shoe Fits

What happens when a shy young man and a serious prince with little time for love – the most unlikely of couples – are brought together through the antics of a meddlesome older brother and a nippy peacock? You get If The Shoe Fits – an imaginative retelling of the Cinderella story created by writer/artist More Info »

Casey At The Bat: Life… Love… and Sports!

The first collection of the webcomic Casey At The Bat follows the adventures of Casey Wilkes, a young gay man recovering from a failed relationship with the help of his friends and his softball team. Follow their adventures as together they navigate life, love, and sports! This book collects comics originally published online between 2011 and More Info »


In Vol. 1: The Setting Sun. Colette, an inquisitive and stubborn child, lives quietly with her aunt and uncle in their country home. She passes the time reading history and philosophy. Colette’s parents haven’t visited her since she was very little, and she feels abandoned. Her resentment for her parents, especially her mother, creates tension More Info »

Alien Erotica

5.5×7″ 14-page B&W /fullcolor cover on heavy stock. By Jennifer Bloomer and Mark Rudolph. Based on a series of “tweets” by improv perfomer, Jenny Bloomer and adapted into a 14 page comic about a “fictional” alien encounter that doesn’t quite go as planned.

Soppy 2

This is the second issue of the mini-comic which collects together Soppy comics by Philippa Rice. Risograph printed in red and black