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Blue is an orphan who disguises herself as a newsboy. There’s a war going on, and girls are expected to help the struggling economy by selling cookies. But Blue loves living and working at the Bugle, the only paper in town that tells the truth. And what’s printed in the newspapers now matters more than ever. More Info »


On a pre-industrial alien planet, a struggling island community must rush out a shipment of lucrative cargo before the coming storm hits. There’s only one vessel fast enough for the job– the airsled, a cargo glider pulled by flying livestock. Overseeing the flight crew is quartermaster Vrazi, who’s dragging their shy indentured servant Piawii along More Info »


“People have always died while colonizing. We’ve always been nomads. It must be worth the loss of life, because we keep doing it. Why couldn’t have all just… stayed put?”

Silent Invasion, Red Shadows

In this era of fake news and ‘deep state’ this couldn’t be more timely! The paranoid cult-classic science fiction mystery of the early days of indie comics returns! Set against the background of a nightmarish 1950s crawling with communist spies, corrupt FBI agents, McCarthyites, Stalinists, cold warriors, flying saucers, mysterious government organizations, The Silent Invasion weaves a byzantine tale of mystery and deceit.


This is Don Lawrence on a plate with beautiful rendition of his varied work from such epics as ‘The Trigan Empire’, ‘Storm’, Olac the Gladiator’, ‘Jason and the Golden Fleece’ and much more. For all adventure fans!

Adam Wreck #3

The third issue following a young boy, stranded on a distant planet in the far reaches of space, and his journey to save his parents from space pirates with the help of his new friend, Captain Voric, a space pirate of a different breed and his amazing ship…THE FISH! This issue also includes a bonus More Info »

The Creators, Volume 2: Strength In Unity

Maya, Simon, and Roxie, along with their creations Kardunn the unicorn, and Mr HugZ have escaped the Creator Academy, a government facility designed to control and harness the power of adolescent Creators with the ability to bring their imaginations to life through their artwork. Now on the run from the Bureau of Creative Enforcement and More Info »

Comicverse: Subspace Chatter #1

The Comicverse characters do a nerd culture podcast reviewing sci-fi shows, comic book controversies, and satirizing indy comics!