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Welcome to Typhon, a SAYER comic

Anna Cordero travels through space to Typhon, the man-made second moon of Earth. There she tours Ærolith Dynamics and learns about her ominous new assignment there. Prequel comic to narrative sci-fi/ horror/ comedy podcast SAYER (“If HAL from 2001 had a podcast”), funded by SAYER’s Patreon backers. Written by SAYER creator Adam Bash, pencilled by Mirage Studios vet Jim Lawson, with breakdowns More Info »

Plot No. 4

Mysteries swirl! Answers are revealed! Friendships and philosophies are put to the test!


Scraps is a collection of 9 short stories from 2014-2016
Included in this anthology are : Saved (originally published in Strangelet 1.1), Forgotten, (originally published in Maple Key Vol. 2), and De Aquí Allá (made for Frank Santoro\\\\\\\’s correspondence course summer 2015, and winner of a MICE mini grant 2015). 52 pgs, full color, perfect bound.

Soyuz Blue, Volume 1

A two-fisted tale set in the near future.

Speculative Relationships Volume 2

Speculative Relationships Volume 2 is a Sci Fi Romance Anthology recently backed on Kickstarter and edited by Scott Kroll and Tyrell Cannon.

Astral Birth Canal #4

Issue 4 of Astral Birth Canal, a single author, sci-fi, fantasy, anthology series.

Aama 4: You Will Be Glorious, My Daughter

Impossible abilities. Mind-bending transformations. Humanity rewritten. Following the loss of his companions in the anarchic crucible that used to be Ona(ji), Verloc Nim has merged with the rogue biotech experiment Aama. Exploring the limits of this remarkable new relationship, he sets his sights on the one place that might hold some answers: home. In You More Info »

The Creators: Chapter 2

The Creators world explores a wave in evolution that causes a small population of young people to gain the ability to bring their imaginations to life via their drawings and the horrific ramifications of that power. CHAPTER 2:  In an effort to ease the trauma of violently losing her parents, young creator, Maya Esin has More Info »

I Fought The Law

“Dad, what’s ‘indenture’ mean?”


The first FINDER in glorious full color! First serialized in DARK HORSE PRESENTS, this new volume takes FINDER’S nominal hero Jaeger into unexplored territory… a job with a paycheck. Like Conan the Librarian, he is undoubtedly well-suited for his new employment as a courier. Imagine the most confusingly laid-out city you’ve ever been in: one-way More Info »