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Distance Mover

Imagine Dr. Who as designed by Joan Miró and you’ll have a sense of this art house, sci-fi adventure. Mr. Earth can move incredible distances in his improbable Distance Mover, a wondrous vehicle that reflects the fantastic world it traverses. He, and his young art-star protégée Mendel, explore culture-rich crystalline cities, challenge the mighty Council of the More Info »


I-330 is a sci-fi comic about a female space explorer, searching the cosmos on a mission for a mysterious signal. 20 pages, black and white with a cardstock cover. Inspired by my love of Heavy Metal magazine and Alien.

The Plot #3, Stolen Minds

Issue three of Neil Brideau’s all-ages adventure minicomic series guarantees to draw you deeper into its mysterious secluded village! While search party enters the forbidden forest to retrieve Atchi, the trouble-maker, Tosu -Atchi’s father- has been attacked by a strange intruder! What has Atchi found in the woods? What will happen when he is found? More Info »