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The Catalogue (Vol. 1)

I grew up in a crazy cat lady household. The question, “how many cats did you have?” is not one that I answer. But… It’s important to know that I love every cat in the entire world. Every. Single. One. I fall for them instantly as soon as I meet them, and my heart breaks when they’re gone. This is my starting point. This is my baseline. I am a CAT PERSON. These are the stories of the cats that I’ve known and loved the most. And there have been so, so many of them. Let’s begin.

The Catalogue (Vol. 2)

I had a theory when I was growing up. I imagined that there was a waiting list of cats that lived in the vicinity of our house. As soon as we would take one stray in, another would always appear soon after. Where we lived was quiet and lush, and a countless parade of cats could easily lurk in mysterious locations, waiting for their turn to reveal themselves. One such cat who emerged in turn was Big White, named for his two obvious features. Looking at him outside, he seemed so imposing. But we had a strategy for earning the trust of stray cats…

Dirty Diamonds #7: Imagination

Imagination is the only key to the future. Without it none exists – with it all things are possible.

The Index No. 6: Woolf

The sixth issue in an ongoing comic serial that follows John and Susan through historical dreamscapes as they struggle to build a universal index. In this issue Virginia Woolf thwarts Susan’s quest for meaning with tragedy and literary devices. B&W, 5.5″ x 7.5″, 16 pages

Towerkind – Issue Four

TOWERKIND is a monthly comic in 13 acts. A mismatched and oddly exceptional group of pre-teens in sometimes antagonistic, always bizarre friendships, are unsettled by a change that they can’t quite identify. Each issue is 12 pages of striking BW, quarter letter. Issue 5 revolves around the ‘twins’, DUKDANIEL.