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Milch Vol. 1

Mini gay erotica sketchbook. -7 B/W sketches ; colored paper cover -5.5×8.5 inches Available @ Table D4  

Milch Vol. 2

Vol. 2 of gay erotica sketch compilation, now thicker -10 pages -Color cover; b+white interior Available @ Table D4

Mixtape #1

Autobio daily life Noel Fielding sketchbook fashion houseplants riding bike may contain queer content

I Get Homesick Sometimes But It’s O.K.

A zine featuring never-before-seen diary comics, photos, and drawings.

Time out in Palestine

Drawings from a semester spent in Jerusalem in 2012: About 100 pages about life with two kids in East (Palestinian) Jerusalem.

4 States 2 Months

A travel journal comic about a couple deciding to get married, in between road trips to four states in two months.