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“People have always died while colonizing. We’ve always been nomads. It must be worth the loss of life, because we keep doing it. Why couldn’t have all just… stayed put?”

Freaky Tales & Weird Science Stories

Space, friendship and exploration. Join our protagonists on an adventure of lifetime.

Monkey and Moon

A zine sized 12 page black and white preview of “Monkey and Moon” the first part of a larger story. Marla, a guidance counselor at the Intergalactic Hall of knowledge and a new student guide Matt, join forces in order to influence the high counsel’s decision; to expand the health wing. Unlike Marla, Matt’s practice More Info »

Mysteries of the Space Ham

All around the tiny and fragile orb we call home swirls untold cosmic wonders mankind is only now just starting to comprehend. Gigantic gaseous planets, streaking comets, fields of rocky asteroids, and more litter our galactic neighborhood. As sublime as these celestial phenomena are, they are nowhere near as unusual or mysterious as the astounding More Info »

Starry Days vol.2 \”Enjoy the Silence\”

It\’s the far future and space travel is so common that it\’s pretty mundane. Join our space cruising couple on another star filled escapade. This volume they visit Satellite 7, a resort space station full of small town charm. Every day\’s paradise on Satellite 7……..

The Saga of Metalbeard

A young space viking prince loses his beard in a tragic soup accident. Changing his life forever. This is his saga.

Variable Star

An unlikable slob and his partner attempt to escape their boring space jobs, lightyears from the nearest civilization.


I-330 is a sci-fi comic about a female space explorer, searching the cosmos on a mission for a mysterious signal. 20 pages, black and white with a cardstock cover. Inspired by my love of Heavy Metal magazine and Alien.

Visiting NASA #1

Originally featured on, this nonfiction minicomic details the two days I spent at Kennedy Space Center earlier this year, meeting NASA scientists and engineers and learning about satellites, space communications, regolith mining, the future of spaceflight and what goes into the launch of an Atlas V. 32 pages, B&W

Cat-Stronauts: In Space

Join the Cat-Stronauts on their high-flying adventure into space as they try to repair the world’s most important satellite ever! Cat-Stronauts is a hilarious thrill ride for all ages! 12 Pages – Full Color