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Fuzzbuquet #2

An all-ages dark fantasy story about a monster with a big heart and a small brain. See him confront his most deadly foes yet- cupcakes!

Iron Scars vol 4

“Iron Scars” is an ongoing webcomic about a group of adopted siblings living on an island who get caught up in a war between witches and fairies. Vol 4 contains chapters 8 and 9 of the story. 36 pages, 5.5×8.5, b+w with color wraparound cover.

Kid Ninja (Halloween Adventure)

A kid dressed as a ninja decides to go to one last house for candy on Halloween and must fight his way there.

Cauldrons & Casseroles

Come, come to the sabbath… and bring your best macaroni salad. This playful new zine by Andrea Kalfas features witches and warlocks, gnomes and goblins, preparing for a neighborly midnight sabbath in the graveyard. 16 pages with a screen-printed cover.

No Such Thing

One cool day in late October, Georgia noticed something weird.  Objects would move around the house and sometimes they even disappeared.  Now, some people may have wondered (especially at this time of year), if this was the work of something spooky?  But not clever Georgia here!  She has all the explanations and none of the More Info »