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A limited (25) edition photo album celebrating SPX.

Eggman Comics Mini Collections Volume 5

Eggman Comics tells stories about random things in life through the eyes of the comical egg.

BOTTOMS UP! True Tales of Hitting Rock-Bottom

“BOTTOMS UP! True Tales of Hitting Rock-Bottom” is an anthology collecting real stories of bottoming out from alcoholism, drug dependency, sex addiction, body dysmorphia, pornography addiction and more. These stories have been adapted into comics by a team of incredibly talented and diverse cartoonists Edited by J.T. Yost Contributors include: – Josh Bayer (title page) – More Info »


12 page comic book about violence.

The Living City

“THE LIVING CITY” is a collection of seven short comics about life in a magical city. Stories deal with subjects such as home invasions by spirits, persistent ghosts, misdirected curses from drunk witches, and a semester-long research project that becomes a disastrous possession. 52 pages, 2 color risograph.

9th Art Ink. Issue Number 4

Indy comics straight out of Brooklyn. Jude Killory presents more short stories. A brother and sister, 2 boxers, a referee, a rag tag bunch of kids, and a drunken memoir round out this issue.

Monsters of MMA – Volume One

Monsters duking it out in a cage. Nuff said.

Man is Wolf

An all-new comic about an ape in a lab.

The Sasquatch in Brooklyn



Santaconda tells the slithery tale of a long-forgotten Christmastime terror.  While Santa Claus aims to reward boys and girls for good behavior, Santaconda takes careful note of each misstep all for his sinister, hunger-fueled plan.  20 pages, full color.