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Street Angel vs Ninjatech

Street Angel makes some friends, kinda; helps out a witch, sorta; and fights the Assassin of the Future™: the Ninja 6000

Polly and the Black Ink

Polly Mason has a secret. Polly can see people turning grey and the world crumbling around her. At first, she believes she’s the only one, but then she moves to an island that shows on no map… And… Evil follows her, and now the island and its people are in danger. Polly discovers the islanders have secrets like her own. But first,  she must find the key and the door More Info »

Batgirl Straight-to-Ink Cover Song

Everyone knows the classic, long-running superhero crimefighter Batgirl, but what would happen if a couple of boys tried to help out? I know, it’s such a stupid idea that it’s not even worth drawing! And yet…

Heroical #3

The latest volume of David Plunkert’s ongoing anthology of offbeat super-heroes and art. Featuring: Big-Girl! The Night Biker! The Beard! Annie Armstrong Mountain Woman! and many more! Printed in a huge, 11 x 14 format containing 20 pages plus a die cut cover!

Animals With Hats #5: A Super Coloring Book

It\’s a coloring book filled with animals wearing superhero hats! Hurrah! Enjoy 20 pages of all-ages, coloring fun and excitement!

The Cynja Volume 1

The Cynja is an illustrated story introducing kids to the awesome world of cybersecurity and technology. Hidden deep inside our planet’s virtual world, lurking in the darkened cyber alleys of our digital neighborhoods, a new generation of bad guys has risen. Zombies, worms, botnets – all threaten our happiness and future. But there is hope. More Info »

Satan's Soldier #3

Satan’s Soldier returns in the latest super epic from Tom Scioli, creator of American Barbarian. The greatest superhero ever fights an endless army of Manichean space gods and techno demons who have joined forces to take him down. The arena for this cosmic battle royale? Planet Earth. The dusky cloaked avenger, D’Ark, and the ring-slinging More Info »