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Mastery Act 1 – Ignition & Conflict of Interests

“Then talk to her. You just took on a lot of responsibility and shoved just as much right back on her. Talk to her about everything. Establish rules. Set boundaries. Be honest. Give her feelings the weight they deserve and demand the same in return.”

Meadow 2

(Please note, not necessary to have read Meadow 1 first, works as stand-alone) Sport is a 15 year old girl, living in a low-key, post-apocalyptic world when she meets an mummified sorcerer named Zombi. A tale about the end of the world, what happens when people seek power in exchange for humanity, and whether or More Info »

Liberty High School Detective League #2

Liberty High’s mascot and good luck charm, Lenny the Lion, has gone missing! With low morale infecting everyone at school, it is up to Burnside, Ray, and the rest of the Liberty High School Detective League to find Lenny before kickoff at the Homecoming Football game! Will they find Lenny in time? Who is responsible? More Info »

Just Fujoshi Things

A collection of short comics about the fun and mishaps of two fujoshi— girls who enjoy comics about risque male romances! Rated Teen+ for mentions of sexual content. ~Available at Table #C3~

The Legend of Acornhead

The Legend of Acornhead is an upcoming webcomic chronicling the adventure of two teens who grew up in a religious compound who leave home with their lizard-like friend and a slightly crazy sword-wielding teen. Acornhead will be a 30 page, full color first chapter in a longer story.

Teen Boat! The Race for Boatlantis

Teen Boat returns for nautical hijinks in the sequel graphic novel to the Ignatz Award-winning mini-comic!

No Ivy League #1

No Ivy League is the story of Hazel, a homeschooled teenager venturing into the world with her first job working for the Portland Parks Department.

Don’t Wanna Close My Eyes

“Don’t Wanna Close My Eyes” is a short comic about a high school’s final homecoming dance, on the eve of a meteor apocalypse.

Infinite Spiral Volume 1: Another World

“The Wizard of Oz” meets “Doctor Who” in the first volume of this Y.A. fantasy webcomic by Kristy Cunningham.

Triple Trio No. 1

Tracey Triple and her partners Flo and Rei are entry-level time travelers. In the first episode, we follow them to a Dance Marathon and watch them struggle with paradoxical nature of messing with the time stream. In the second episode, the Trio is arrested for Witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials. Presented as a Saturday More Info »