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Comics Will Be Published Until Morale Improves

Ever look at a bathroom sign and think “why hasn’t anyone made comics with those icons?” I did. These are those comics.

Run Lil Jared: Book 1

Jared just wanted to go Penguin school, unfortunately he has been kidnapped and made to attend a school for monsters. -soft cover, 192 pages

Moonbeard Volume One

Pikitia Press are proud to present James Squires’ Moonbeard Volume One, the full-length follow up to our Moonbeard sampler Snasnakes.

Ignition Zero Volume 2

The second printed volume of webcomic Ignition Zero follows Orson, Robbie, and friends as they continue to get deeper and deeper into the supernatural side of Glory, Maryland. The quartet continues to be hunted by the skull-wearing spirit Vaidya, whose strange obsession with Ivory–the land spirit the four of them have vowed to protect–becomes more confusing and mysterious…


Hemlock Sketchbook 2014

A bonus book of original drawings, sketches and development work from the webcomic “Hemlock”.


16 pages of the downwardly-spiraling friendship between a bar of soap and the man who used him.  You may never shower the same way again.


The 2009 Best Digital Comic Eisner Award Nominee, Vs., by Alexis Sottile and Joe Infurnari gets the deluxe print treatment in this full color comic. The story is a cryptozoological tour of Joe’s New York City rental woes told entirely in rhyming verse. New to this book is the feature, Beasts, Boroughs & Bodily Fluids More Info »

The Complete Brief Histories of Everyday Objects

The first collected edition of the complete run of Stumptown Comic Arts Award nominated webcomic, Brief Histories of Everyday Objects. Toothbrushes! Kitty litter!! Ball point pens!!! Et cetera!!!

City of Cards: Brilliant Joker

The second limited character mini for the comic City of Cards, from the perspective of an ambitious young man named Xander.