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Fizzle #1

20-something barista Claire, imagines a way out of her daily grind after cooking up a half-baked scheme with her boyfriend at a fast food restaurant one night. 32 pages, b&w, risograph cover


Whit Taylor (Madtown High, The Anthropologists) weaves together three ghost stories in a reflective tale that is part fantasy, part memoir. Full color, 60 pages


We live in a culture made of up of sub-cultures, communities based around common interests, obsessions, fetishes. From underground club scenes to Ham radio networks, invented languages, cosplay and “realdoll” relationships, the subcultures we belong to define our identities, with their own rules, rituals and lingos. In this collection, 36 of today’s best independent comics More Info »

Stethoscope Microphone

Dwayne recounts the trials and tribulations of the ‘The Doctors’, the greatest funk band of all time, in a quirky story about music, fame, love, loss, and friendship.