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Interstitial, 1&2

Three unwitting women’s lives are pulled together through a book of poetry. As a dark force slowly reveals itself, a relationship nears a crisis and order must be pulled from the chaos. Magical girl meets quiet slice-of-life.

Tales from Aeaea 2

\\\”Tales from Aeaea 2\\\” continues the stories of your favorite characters from the magical island of Aeaea in an exciting new chapter by Andrea Kalfas.

Lost Haven

What happens when a gifted witch’s power fails her? Lost Haven is a story about magic, sorrow, and the things that hold us together.  Appropriate for all ages.

Cauldrons & Casseroles

Come, come to the sabbath… and bring your best macaroni salad. This playful new zine by Andrea Kalfas features witches and warlocks, gnomes and goblins, preparing for a neighborly midnight sabbath in the graveyard. 16 pages with a screen-printed cover.

Long Red Hair

Long Red Hair alluringly delves into the mystique of sorcery and sisterhood.

Sea Legs, the Walkabout Trout #1

This is the story of a fish with no name and no legs, and how a temp job for a witch changes both of those entirely! 18 pages, black and white, super cute


Lesbian separatist witch Lobussa Thirst faces off against the Human Guillotine in 1960s San Francisco. 36 magic-packed pages, luxurious black and white.

Tragic Relief 17, Witch

Based on both Scottish folklore and historical record, Witch is the story of two women who disguised themselves as men, known as ‘Mr. Dickson’ and ‘Mr. Peterson’,in order to become witch finders during the English Civil Wars. b+w, 20 pages, full color cover