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Dirty Diamonds #9: Being

Dirty Diamonds is an award-winning all-girl comic anthology that features the semi-autobiographical work of female comic creators from around the world. Each of our books focus on a central theme, and for our ninth installment we’ve gathered comics from over 65 creators and artists from 11 different countries about BEING! What’s this book all about? This is a book about being More Info »

Dirty Diamonds Issue 9: Being

Dirty Diamonds: an all-girl comic anthology is proud to present its ninth issue, Being.  This book is all about being true to yourself, finding our what motivates and drives you in the face of challenges and others\’ expectations and how to carve out a space in the world where you feel like your most true More Info »

Exit Archaeology

Exit Archaeology is a 48-page diary of working on a dig in Greece in 2017.  The comic chronicles daily life on an excavation in Greece: the job of drawing amphora fragments, avoiding dogs while running, swimming with jellyfish, what other people are having for breakfast, and the question of whether I will go back to this More Info »

A League of Their Own: Female Filmmakers and the Stories They Tell, Volume 2

It’s no secret that the film industry is male dominated. With A League of Their Own, Volume 2, we take a look at nine more female filmmakers, the work they’ve created, and the obstacles they’ve surmounted to make it. Featuring full color illustrations along with descriptions for each filmmaker and one of her films, you’ve got More Info »

Dirty Diamonds #8: Sex

Dirty Diamonds is an award-winning all-girl comic anthology. The latest installment captures women’s thoughts behind the act of SEX. The stories in this collection are personal, powerful, real, raw, hilarious, ridiculous, and stunningly smart. Too often, women are told how they should feel about their sexuality and what they should do with their bodies, and now more than More Info »

The Strumpet 5

The Strumpet is a transatlantic annual focusing on women telling stories in comics, edited by cartoonists Ellen Lindner and Glynnis Fawkes (as well as, in prior issues, editrix emeritae Jeremy Day and Kripa Joshi). Despite ENORMOUS progress made by women in comics in the last two decades, we still feel that there’s a bit of More Info »

Dirty Diamonds #7: Imagination

Imagination is the only key to the future. Without it none exists – with it all things are possible.

Requiem Sonata: 1-2

After a bizarre performance, famous classical pianist Zhi is found dead at the bottom of a bay. As her friend and fan, Detective Simone Durant begins to look into Zhi’s death, she finds that she didn’t really know much about this mysterious woman.

Dirty Diamonds Omnibus

Dirty Diamonds is an all-girl comic anthology. Each issue features semi-autobiographical comics around a central theme. Started in 2011 by editors Kelly Phillips & Claire Folkman, the humble origins of Dirty Diamonds as a zine have evolved over the years into a large-scale anthology featuring the work of dozens of women from around the world. More Info »

Dirty Diamonds #6: Beauty

Dirty Diamonds is an all-girl comic anthology. From feelings about bodies and hair, to surgery scars and extra nipples, to gut bacteria and gargoyles, this sixth issue of Dirty Diamonds features over 50 comics by women around the world celebrating, examining, challenging, and embracing the concept of BEAUTY. This book was recently successfully funded through Kickstarter, where you More Info »