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WANC: Hell on Ice

Wuvable Oaf fans know the titular character has a mysterious past as the satanic pro wrestler Goteblüd. But nobody has seen him in action quite like this, as he takes on his archenemy Doctor Avalanche in a brutal “Hell On Ice” match! Bear hugs, gut punches and 300 lb moonsaults are on the menu in More Info »


Do employees at the U.S. Mint have direct deposit? If I abandoned all my most deeply held beliefs, would you vote for me then? You looked into the hose. Who would play my cat in a movie?

Bamn #4

Bamn, a fallen pro wrestling superstar, has lived the life of a drifter for years without anyone paying him any mind. A fateful meeting with a group of teenage wrestling fans changes all that, putting the former superstar in a different kind of spotlight, that of a mentor. When Bamn discovers that this crew of More Info »