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Dee’s Dream Issue #3: The Dream Boat

Emotional turmoil spreads through the four piece punk rock band Dee’s Dream. Will a house party and show in their basement be enough to glue their broken bond back together? Only time will tell… stay tuned.

Welcome to Pin Hell – Ultimate Edition

A handheld guide to getting start making enamel pins and being mad about it.

I Will Never Fall In Love Again – An Illustrated Incantation

An incantation to summon protection for a lonely heart.

Anxious Child

A recollection of life as an anxious kid, and learning the hard way that anxiety doesn’t keep bad things from happening. Caroline Smith’s autobiographical story follows her from childhood to present day through both dark and hilarious imaginings as a worrywart child, and coping with them at different stages in life (some methods better than More Info »

The Last Time I Cried

Just saying the title, “The Giving Tree”

Thank You for Your Cooperation #2 – Verhoeven Zine

Thank You for Your Cooperation #2 – Verhoeven Zine.  A natural sequel to #1, the all Robocop issue, here the contributors go all in with their comics and writing based on the mind bending films of Dutch director, Paul Verhoeven. Created or organized by Eric Gordon with contributions from- Troy-Jefferey Allen (@GoRexCo on Twitter, @ActionAGoGo on More Info »

Hourly Comics Day 2018

There are a lot of drawings of her dog and all of the things she gets up to on this, February 1, 2018!

Vinyl Vagabonds #9

From the article “Escape from DC (There is No)- “Wait, wait, WAIT! What about the record collection!?!?! There won’t be anything worth living for if the VVers don’t have their tunes. But how to carry everything you will need to survive, plus vinyl? Is this the time to enlist the aid of an ex-special forces super agent gone rogue? No, no, no, that only works in the movies. In an emergency situation of this magnitude, things are bound to get heavy real fast. The only solution is a bike with a hitch to quickly load in the essentials… and a master plan!

Stranger Zine – Season 2

This little zine celebrates all things Stranger Things season 2! It’s a 20 page booklet full of Stranger Things themed art. The cover is laser-cut, the wrap is screenprinted, and it comes with a 4″ x 6″ print of Mike’s fort! Details: Comic: 6.5″ x 5″ 20 pages Black & White

LOST: Works by Ed Ruscha

A collection of possible designs for Ed Ruscha’s missing works.