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Cauldrons & Casseroles

Come, come to the sabbath… and bring your best macaroni salad. This playful new zine by Andrea Kalfas features witches and warlocks, gnomes and goblins, preparing for a neighborly midnight sabbath in the graveyard. 16 pages with a screen-printed cover.

Birb Zine

A 32 page half-size b&w zine featuring comics and illustrations about birds from 13 North American artists.


When a game becomes a burden, a friend becomes a foe, and life becomes death, just blame the dog. This is when the game goes wrong.


Exploration of nature drawings.

Little Red Monster

Journey with the Little Red Monster as he goes about his weekly routine! This mini comic is a collaboration between Sammy Savos (incoming SVA student and Curls Studio 2015 summer intern) and cartoonist Carolyn Belefski.

Common Curses and Blessings Vol. 2

Common Curse: No one noticed your haircut. Common Blessing: Your birthday is on a Friday.

Ads for the Criminally Insane

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Bigfoot Think You Suck!

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Lame Monsters

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Animals Who Deserve to be Endangered

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