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Captain Romance / Girls in Science

Captain Romance! Girls in Science!

Food Femmes

Food Femmes is a collection of food and cooking related stories by women and femmes. It was lovingly illustrated and curated by the author, L. M. Cook as a response to the lack of positive imagery of women consuming and creating food.

Dream Journal

A loose-form experimental narrative on three separate dreams had in the course of one very strange week.

But Go, Show Yourself

A quick experimental look at the chaotic emotions that arise during the processing of buried trauma.

Smithereens: Mammon’s Ring-Posy

A poem by the Victorian poet-painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti, illustrated by G. E. Gallas.   Zine 6 pages Full Color 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches

Feline Feelings #1

A collection of 100+ cat-related drawings.

Man is Wolf

An all-new comic about an ape in a lab.


Tablegeddon, edited by Robert Kirby, is a zine anthology of comics about selling comics at events just like SPX. It features stories by notable alt-creators Cara Bean w/ Sally Carson, Tony Breed, Mark Campos, Max Clotfelter, Kelly Froh, Gabrielle Gamboa, Justin Hall, Robert Kirby, Jason Martin, Carrie McNinch, Matt Moses w/ Jess Worby, John Porcellino, More Info »