Shipping Instructions

How to Get Your Stuff Safely to SPX

Here is all of the information you will need to get your boxes shipped safely to SPX. The full floor map will be up shortly so stay tuned.  Any table up against the four walls, their numbers start with a W.

SPX 2016 layout

When you ship your boxes, PLEASE put your table numbers on them. This makes the whole process MUCH easier for the loading dock workers, who will sweat and grunt the boxes to your tables, if indeed we know which table they are.

Below is all of the info about shipping, any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

Sam and Jamie


Now, sorry to do this, but if you do not follow the below instructions two things may indeed happen:

– We will not be able to find your boxes and deliver them to the convention floor . Badness will ensue, engulfing all in the game we hate to play “Box, Box, Where is my box?”.
– Your package (assuming we find it) will be subject to a receiving charge of $10 per box from Marriott, as we had to get them involved in firguring out what happened to your precious cargo.

A few facts:

1. There is NO CHARGE by the hotel to handle the boxes if you follow these directions. No $10 fee, nuthin (except if you do not follow these very easy directions..). Whut a deal!!!! Find another major event that has that!!! Follow the below procedures and all will be good and cheap.

2. The books will be stored in a locked room on the loading dock. The room is always within eye site of the security room. This room is locked every night. If that room gets filled (which it did last year), the boxes will be stored inside the loading dock area, which is also locked at night.

3. The hotel does have a flatbed cart and a few hand trucks, so we can get the boxes out to your tables.

4. You are also responsible for setting up the pickup on the Monday after SPX. PLEASE read and follow the POST-SPX SHIPPING PROCEDURES, we have had many problems after SPX with pickups from the Marriott and boxes have been lost for days/weeks because stuff was not coordinated with your shipping company.

5. Be sure to send the e-mail requested in the below procedures!!!!

Ok, now on to the details:

Small Press Expo c/o
Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Convention Center
5701 Marinelli Road
Bethesda, MD 20852

Be sure each box has your name, table numbers and return address!!!!

Can’t stress again how important it is for you to have the table number on the box.

If you are having your printer ship directly to the hotel, make sure they put your name/table number somewhere on the outside of the box.

1. Be sure that each box has on its shipping label your table number and the name under which you are exhibiting. In previous years we have had boxes delivered that had names that did not match the Exhibitor List. Chaos reigned and boxes went undelivered to tables. So please do this for all of our sakes.

2. Fill out this Google Form detailing the following:

2. The e-mail is to be sent to the above e-mail address when the boxes ship or when the shipment is finalized and ready to go. We will not be able to get you your boxes to your table if we do not have your e-mail with the above information.

3. The boxes need to be shipped to arrive by no earlier than Monday September 11 and no later than Friday September 15.

4. The above information will then be sent by us to our contact at the Marriott so that they know what’s coming in when.

5. Upon arrival of the boxes:
– The boxes will be counted by the Marriott people and any change between either the e-mail or the packing slip is to be documented immediately.
– The boxes will be placed in the secure store room by the shipper.

6. In case of discrepancies, we will phone the POC immediately to let you know what happened.

1. Have your pre-printed labels ready for Sunday evening in advance. Be sure your account numbers and tracking numbers are on them properly, as well as the appropriate return address.

2. Check with your carrier that the account numbers and tracking numbers you are using are valid to be picked up. Many times shipping companies come and the tracking numbers were not properly registered, the pickup guy then has to leave them on the loading dock. The boxes sit on the loading dock for like a week, causing many phone calls and the SPX Staff having to go back up to the Marriott to get it figured out.

3. Be triply sure you call your carrier to tell them to come pick up your shipment and quaduply check #2 above.

4. Again we will get you carts and dollies to move the boxes back out to the secured area at the loading dock.